Learn how to provide social housing and supported living property with us.

If you feel you would like to be more active in property investment and development, make great returns and make a social impact, this is perfect for you.

Every year we take a select number of investors and developers and share the roadmap and quickest way to providing bespoke developments for social housing, supported living and many specialist services such as children’s care or refugee programs. The list is long but the fundamentals are the same.

In the current environment there can be no denial that there is a very strong demand. What we have through is a cripple lack of supply of high quality, suitable property. Care providers and not property developers and welcome support from people like us.

We do believe in financial sustainability to allow many and multiple properties to be created. That’s why we treat our development enterprise as such, an enterprise. We have to be able to demonstrate a profit and become a robust partner to other key organisations. The result is repeat projects and growing revenue and growing impact.

You can decide which strategy is right for you, whether you are looking to add cashflow every month or generate a capital sum to reinvest. You will be able to identify what and where the need is, how best you can contribute to tackle that need.

Hold properties for monthly cashflow

‘Build to lease’ is the best way to create your own equity and rocket your rental income. You can develop your own properties, or partner with existing property owners.

Sell properties for profit and capital

‘Build-Lease-Sell’ is a fantastic way to maximise capital and profits. Working with a readymade market of investors we are able to provide safe, secure property investments that make an impact.

Land sales for social housing for profit and capital

Work closely with organisations to share risk and rewards, public and private funds to bring much needed affordable homes to the market.

Hands-On property Provider Explained

You may feel you’d like to be hands-on and we know that might feel little daunting as there is so much you feel like you need to know.

We provide a springboard of education and support that shows you all you need to know and holds your hand right through to your first successful project.

Organisations that operate in social care, charities, housing and so on require property to grow their organisations and impact, but don’t necessarily have the skills, resources and funds to acquire as quickly as they would like.

We can help you acquire the skills to meet that demand, done in the right way, to collectively tackle the problem.

You will learn how to identify demand, identify, and approach this who you would like to work with. How to establish exactly what accommodation is needed, go out and find the perfect match of property for them.

We will then share with you how to deliver the perfect project and collectively create a positive social impact and positive impact in your own life.

Your skills will make organisations come back around again and again for repeat business. We will guide you on how fund and secure the long term cashflow and capital growth, or how to sell the property for a premium to ready and waiting buyers.

What is the program? 3 day Social Housing Springboard and also the ‘gather grow give’ 12 months program. Build a portfolio or sell for capital, it’s your choice, Get time to do the things you love, and give back.

We have become strategic partners with Oxygen Projects because of the positive impact they have had on the community. They have educated and helped us create contacts with local registers providers and we are now delivering a scheme to provide housing and care in our community.

Craig Roberts

Managing Director

My last 12 months with Oxygen has been fantastic. A huge amount of learning and progression. 1 site in planning, 2 in negotiations and 5 in the pipeline with a now well oiled machine generating new leads each and every month. Huge amount of contacts made and long term relationships built with a view of long term working partnerships. Loads of knowledge around Housing associations, planning processes and development gain and I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting in to developing in the Housing Association market.’’

Richard Lambie